...and how I got there

Throughout my professional dance career, I suffered many dance-related injuries which led to three surgeries. Everytime I went to physical therapy for my rehabilitation, I would learn a lot but also wonder why I needed to be injured in order to see a PT.  

As I transitioned from professional dancer to PT, I have been thinking about how to best help dancers. I decided to offer mobile PT services where it is most convenient to you; that way, I can treat dancers and provide appropriate educational and wellness classes for injury prevention and performance enhancement at your dance studio. By breaking free from the traditional clinic setting, it makes it easier for dancers to seek help before their injury becomes more serious while also making dance medicine more accessible.

In essence, the studio and the theater are where dancers really live. Thus, I strongly believe that providing appropriate care in the environment where they truly belong will have a better psychosocial effect on their rehabilitation process. 

My primary goal is to restore your mobility, keep you active, and optimize your performance. I go beyond the traditional patient care and provide injury prevention classes, screening services, educational workshops to approach holistically in the pursuit of better outcomes.

Contact me to find out more about my services and to discuss how I can help to keep you healthy and happy dancing every day!